Tyger Run/Walk Campaign

Magazine adverts
Close-up of magazine adverts
Magazine adverts
A4 booklet front cover
A4 booklet front and back covers
A4 booklet inside
A5 flyer

Tygerberg 104FM is the official organizer and main sponsor to one of the most popular Run/Walk events in the Tygervalley area in Bellville, Western Cape. Runners train for months in advance and also make use of the Tyger Run/Walk event to train for the big Two Oceans Marathon held in Cape Town, South Africa and the Comrades held in Durban/Pietermaritzburg each year.

Entry Forms, Magazine and Newspaper Adverts, Flyers, Posters, Social Media posts, E-mailers, E-mail signatures and online website banners were some of the elements which had to be designed for the campaign.