Pink Lady® Apples campaign

Pink Lady® Apples are well known for its premium quality and sweet, refreshing taste. They pride themselves on delivering only the best. Each apple is hand-picked and gets a seal of approval.

Campaign Information


Capture the different and exciting ways
Pink Lady® Apples can be used.
Close-up angles to be used to showcase the
pink blush and texture of the apples.


To give the viewer creative recipe ideas using
Pink Lady® Apples. The characteristics of the Pink Lady® Apples must be prominent in each recipe.


The Pink Lady® logo must be visible,
either by graphic display in the corner or by the
PLU-sticker on the apple.

Visit the Pink Lady® website to find out more about these delicious apples.

All the above recipes was done by Heleen Meyer, food consultant. For more delicious recipes and healthy food tips, visit Heleen’s website.