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Video + Design

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Our Background

We are a videography and graphic design company based in Cape Town, South Africa. 

what moves us?

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Our Speciality

Graphic Design

Get your brand noticed

From logos, business cards, letterheads, folders, brochures, adverts, billboards, flyers to social media posts design, you can be assured we will put your brand or design campaign on the right track.

Corporate Videography

Put your brand into motion

One of the best ways to get your business' message accross is by contacting us. Really, contact us and give us a list of what you wish your corporate video must "say" about your business.

Wedding Videography

For those unforgettable moments

We just love capturing your special day for everlasting memories. Pop us an email to find out what we have to offer to make your big day even more special.

Recent Projects.

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Tyger Run Campaign

Interior, Living Room

Quinoa street

Interior, Living Room

Gentrify four

Interior, Kitchen

Ethical occupy

Kitchen, Living Room

Helvetica consequat

Interior, Kitchen

Narwhal keffiyeh

Interior, Kitchen

Asymmetrical chambray

Kitchen, Living Room

Bespoke normcore

Interior, Living Room

Video + Design

Let’s start the journey of making your brand or video reach new heights